Notice of Job Availability

Employer: Alternative Printer Parts, LLC

Title: Mechanical Engineer

Duties: Serve as Engineer for European industrial equipment used in the manufacture of printer and copier parts. Research, plan, evaluate and design industrial equipment. Install, operate, maintain, alter and repair equipment. Read technical drawings and schematics. Coordinate manufacturing methods, fabrication, and operation of product designs. Investigate and repair equipment failures. Establish equipment maintenance, safety and service procedures and schedules. Ensure appropriate supply of materials required to maintain industrial equipment in prescribed condition. Develop and test models of alternate designs or processing methods. Study industrial processes to maximize the efficiency of equipment applications, including equipment placement. Review customer design proposals, specifications, manuals, or other data to evaluate feasibility, cost, or maintenance requirements of designs or applications. Provide technical customer service. Liaise with Belgian vendor/ manufacturer of company equipment and with European customers. Solicit new business, in particular to the European market, with annual travel primarily to Belgium, Netherlands, and Switzerland.